We successfully completed the project of building and equipping our modular facilities production plant in June, 2017. 

This project, entitled "Increasing the competitiveness of EUROmodul d.o.o. through the construction and equipping of a new factory ", was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. It was the result of a successful application to the open call of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts," Competence and Development of SMEs ", and we began working on it in August 2016.

In order to increase the efficiency of our production processes and meet the market's demands, like larger product quantities, faster delivery times and production of larger and more complex modular facilities, we set out to build a new factory worth over 24m kuna. The European Regional Development Fund co-financed the implementation with 8m. kuna. 

The finished production plant, 6,500 m2 in size, is located in the Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone and includes a workshop and administrative spaces as well as other infrastructure facilities, while its equipping process included the purchase of a crane, painting booth and the necessary furniture.

The workshop is used to produce and equip mostly modular facilities such as containers, kiosks, modular buildings, urban equipment, advertising equipment and similar products from our standard offer. The main goal of investing in a new plant was to increase the competitiveness of our company in both domestic and foreign markets, achieve a positive effect on the sale of company innovations and ultimately contribute to the economic development of the local community.

In July, 2020 we completed the project and received a positive assessment from the implementing body, Hamag Bicro, and we can proudly say that our new production facility is continuously and successfully building and carrying out a large number of projects for domestic and foreign clients.

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