When ordering modular construction and facilities, the process of defining the product is very demanding and consequently the process of forming a final price is quite complex.

Our production is based solely on customer orders and we do not manufacture anything just to have it in stock. In this way, the wishes and requirements of the customer are fully respected and everything is well defined before the order is made, which means a good amount of work has already been done successfully.


As manufacturers, our most important goal is to satisfy every customer. Each project is a mirror of our work and a reference which we are proud of.

When ordering facilities, it is important to first define the following things:

  • purpose of the facility
  • dimension of the facility
  • material - hot galvanized, stainless steel or painted structure?

            - type of wooden facade:  Spruce, Larch, Oak, Ash, Iroko, Teak

  • alarm (yes or no)
  • air-conditioning facility (yes or no)
  • type of flooring (PVC, laminate, ceramics, epoxy etc.)
  • lighting (LED or fluo, built-in or surface mounted)
  • equipment and furniture inside the building (yes or no, and what kind of equipment)
  • demand for thermal conductivity (yes or no)
  • demand for fire protection  (yes or no)
  • water supply and drainage (yes or no, built-in or overhead)
  • distribution of electrical installations (yes or no, built-in or overhead)
  • delivery parity (delivery and installation on site or EXW EUROmodul)

This is just a part of all the parameters needed to make more precise calculations, and therefore it’s quite difficult to talk about the "framework" prices of these projects. It is very important to us that every customer is versed in all available options in order to create a product that will fully satisfy their needs and which has already undergone a detailed planning process, which enables our clients to know exactly what they will get for their money.


For the above reasons and in order to maintain the acquired transparency in our work, project planning and the formation of the appropriate prices, we kindly ask all interested customers to send product price inquiries exclusively to the info mail address. It would also be good if we were given these basic information so that we could handle the queries as good and quickly as possible.

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