EUROmodul prefabricated - modular objects

Prefabricated - modular objects mean that our products are completly or in great deal completed in our fabric. Divercity is in its shapes, dimensions, technical solutions and materials of production. Euromodul uses inox, aluminium, plasticated or painted steel. For decorative pillars marble is used, policarbonate, glass, copper for gutters and roofs, etc.

  • Quality of structure guarantees longlasting product and justifies investment.
  • Advantage is always given to functionallity, to obtain maximal inner surfaces.

Prefabricated buildings - custom made

EUROmodul with the standard production of prefabricated buildings, specializes also in performance of CUSTOM MADE production. Challenge us with your individual design, building, floor plan, equipment, materials, etc ... and we will adapt the project and offer a solution with floor plans, technical descriptions and optimal solution.

EUROmodul spectar of prefabricated buildings

  • kiosks - fast food, newspapers, souvenirs, etc...
  • stands - newspapers, souvenirs, etc...
  • containers - office, living, warehouse, sanitary / WC, telecommunication, technic, FLAT PACK, modular, folded tents, etc...
  • energy effieicent building - PREMIUM high quality modular buildings with high rate of thermal isolations and fireproof materials.
  • car garage - standard models and custom made
  • public toilets - automatic and classic
  • pay tolls - control of enterances, parking payments, highway payments, etc...
  • smoking spaces - indoor / outdoor according to EU rules