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Dimensions: individual according to project
Materials: zinced steel, HPL laminates, wood, etc...
glass, ALU profiles, etc...
Other: individual according to project

Energy Efficient modular buildings

Energy Efficient modular buildings are made of modular structures ( units ) connected in series . Dimensions of the module is determined according to customer requirements / project .

  • prefabricated office building
  • mounting day-care centers, kindergartens and schools
  • prefabricated clinics , nursing homes , hospitals
  • prefabricated cottages and permanent housing facilities

EUROmodul Energy Efficient prefabricated buildings are designed to meet the requirements of energy efficiency whose specification can be found in the technical data of this site

Modular construction

Modular construction is a steel frame structure ( 3D module ) factory production , which easily connects on the location of the module to the module and the module onto module . By simply connecting and fixing occurs object or series of objects by standard / individual design up to three storeys in height . At the special request of the customer designed objects and can be manufactured for more than three floors .


EUROmodul can provide all services in the delivery of the building so it is understandable and turnkey .

Individual projects

EUROmodul a group of experts in sales , design and technical documentation project of prefabricated modular buildings that working together with the clients to find high-quality solutions for all conceivable needs .

Modular construction is growing in popularity

  • speed of fabrication - manufacturing and assembly
  • build quality and shelf life
  • thermal insulation of walls , windows and doors
  • portable buildings to another location
  • no limits in design and selection of materials in the construction

Send us a request with your application for energy-efficient business premises or cottages and we will be happy to assist in the implementation of the same .

  • EUROmodul is designed , manufactured and designed and delivered over 30000 prefabricated buildings for various purposes throughout the world !