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FLAT PACK containers

FLAT PACK containers are intended for use in distant locations are FLAT PACK containers in reduced transport dimensions. When compared to standard containers, FLAT PACK containers offer up to 4 times less transport space. The time for mountage on location (two persons ) is approximately 45 minutes.

  • FLAT PACK office / storage containers or FLAT PACK modular buildings for construction sites or as a multi-year temporary facility / office container are used for installations of big distances to save transport costs

Individual modules / complex modular offices

Individual modules as FLAT - PACK (packed container) come on the market where they are used as independent, individual or they are part of a system of modular building structures.Truck can handle up to 4 (or 8) containers in FLAT PACK containers.

Lifting by crane and installation

Lifting by crane one by one, possible also with forklift with adequate construction, if container doesn‘t have forklift holes. Truck can handle up to 4 (or 8) containers in FLAT PACK. Each unit is 650 mm in height if wall panels are up to 100 mm. Each unit is 700 mm in height if container has also inner walls and doors (another room).