Euromodul is a leading manufacturer of kiosks in the region of Southeast Europe with twenty years of experience and tradition in the manufacture of kiosks for different purposes.

So far, we have designed and patented more than 20 different models of kiosks with a large number of individual variation for each kiosk. Our kiosks primarily distinguished by unique design, the quality of the materials and superb workmanship.

EUROmodul offers its customers kiosks made ​​by a specific application in terms of materials, dimensions and specific design depending on the specific use of kiosks that are commonly used in:

  • kiosks selling newspapers and cigarettes
  • kiosks for the preparation and sale of fast food
  • kiosk for the sale of souvenirs and consumer goods

Contact us with confidence and see "EUROmodul" kiosks in the streets of all cities of the former Yugoslavia.