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Materials: zinced steel painted
safety glass 5+5 mm
Other: mail boxes
ATM bancomat
vendomat, advertising vitrine (City Light)

PostIT self-service postal unit is a multi-purpose kiosk that consists of the following basic elements:

  • Advertising roof on all four sides with illuminated fluorescent backlight.
  • canopy with 5 + 5 mm tempered safety glass with foil print with up to 70% sunlight prevention. construction of canopy contains decorative LED lighting
  • self-service postal kiosk allows sending and receiving of mail and the use of personal mailbox 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Each mailbox has individual private key.
  • CITY LIGHT advertising Backlight illuminated with ROTO system modifications posters (up to 3 posters)
  • ATM non-stop 24/7. kiosk allows the placement of various types of ATMs, various sizes and systems with a front or rear loading banknotes.
  • Vendomat non-stop 24/7. Vendomat is a device that can be used for different purposes, drinks, simple meals (sandwiches), sweets, ice cream and similar.

Kiosk is characterized by a square design with backlit elements. The structure is made of galvanized steel profiles filled with polyurethane panels and metal cassettes in the appropriate color according to the customer's request. Indoor equipment includes different elements depending on the usage. Electrical installation is done according to the requirements of embedded devices and equipment.

Designed in EMDS as monumental urban element

POST IT Kiosk is designed from EUROmodul Design Studio as a monumental urban element that is placed in the center or suburbs of the city. It's functionality and intuitiveness form a substance of micro-location, evaluates the incorporated elements and furfills the purpose of it's branding.

Kiosk does not require workers only occasionally emptying and filling of the postal employees, while keeping other multifunctional components.