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Dimensions: 2,4 x 1,4 m up to 2 persons / 1,8 x 1,8 m up to 4 people / 2,4 x 1,8 m up to 6 people
Other: Heating


Cabins are designed and tested according specific laws. Ventilated system ensures pressure over 5 Pa and airflow over 30 liters in second per person in 1,4 m2 spaces.
Air pressure is controlled with manometer.


Standard cabins:
2,4 x 1,4 m up to 2 persons
1,8 x 1,8 m up to 4 persons
2,4 x 1,8 m up to 6 persons
outher height 2,6 m.


Aluminum in standard colours: white, chocolate, bronze, silver.


Mediapan white, gray, in wood pattern and glass.


Aluminum, with glass, slide, automatic closing.

Electric installation

For ventilation and illumination, completely made.


According specifications: smoke bins, selfextinguish, benches or chairs, back supports etc.


Optional - infrared.