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Mobile container labs for various purposes

Mobile labs are made of custom container construction, with accurately calculated dynamics and statics of a mobile object. Container technical laboratories are used for various purposes, with the highest percentage for the purpose of testing oil and gas fields within inaccessible locations. EUROmodul has developed a blend of unique product that is used throughout the Russian territory in cooperation with its partners and truck manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.



Mobile labs are equipped for various uses,mainly for oil and gas drillhole monitoring and oil and gas processing plants. Autonomous objects are equipped with an aggregate and connected to the truck's current converter. Laboratories can be connected on a standard basis to the city power grid as needed.


Laboratories are equipped with a variety of equipment that depends on the client's specification and can meet all your requirements.

Facilities offer accommodation to the employees, either for a day or night rest, if necessary with a folding bed. Generally, they consist of two parts with one or two entrances, the living room offers the possibility of watching television, having a mini kitchen, fridge, sink, etc.